How to choose forex signals provider?

A forex signal is a trade alert for the currency market. Forex signals can be obtained from companies that specialize in this service, and also from a number of brokers who provide them for traders of standard or V.I.P accounts.

The price of this service can be anywhere from free if you receive it from your broker, to a daily average of $5-10 and higher depending on the individual or company providing it.

There are also some packages that offer long term access for a one time subscription fee. In this case the floor is at around $100-150, reaching up to several hundreds.

Services that you receive upon signing up with a forex signals provider differ from firm to firm. You may expect to receive anything from performance trackers, sms, email, and online alerts, to customer support via email or phone, and advanced analysis in some of the more sophisticated offers.

Since signals providers must protect their strategies, trading with them involves some degree of blind trust in the company or individual behind the issued signals.

The credibility of the many choices on the web varies widely, as it is often the case with anything related to the lucrative forex market.

It is perhaps a good idea to approach any claims about 80-90 percent success rates with a pinch of salt, in spite of their ubiquity in the world of online trading.

But there do exist some firms that provide genuinely valuable information and alerts to clients.

Keep in mind that your ability to successfully exploit received forex signals depends greatly on the efficiency of your broker's service.

Especially with forex news based trading, you must act quickly, while being sure that any issues related to misquotes and slippage shall be minimal.

Forex Signals Can Be Classified Into Three Groups.

News Trading Signals: This is the fundamental approach to forex signals, and the purpose is getting at the news release as early as possible, and exploiting it to maximum profit in the short period of time after the release. Such signals often come with some commentary and analysis on weekly and daily bases.

Technical Signals: Technical trading signals are just trading tips on the basis of technical analysis. You trust the background and track record of the company or person issuing the signals, so you choose to trade on that basis instead of entering your own orders.

Technical forex signals are often issued along with various risk management strategies to ensure minimal losses if the plan does not work out as expected. The vast majority of online forex signals belong to this category, which makes sorting the wheat out from the chaff a bit of a difficulty.

General Trade signals: This kind of service provides general trading tips for traders. Their alerts often employ a multi-pronged approach combining both fundamental and technical analysis.

Final Word

Whether you will use forex signals or not will mostly depend on your character and your plan in trading. If you're a highly active individual with little time to spend on analysis and study of the market, forex signals constitute an alternative to manual trading.

If you want to learn the mechanics of trading, you will receive but a modest benefit from subscribing to forex alerts. A major discouraging factor about forex signals is the high price tag. [Source]

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How To Choose The Best Forex Signals

It can be quite a task for any forex trader to evaluate and find the best forex signals providers that he can find in the internet these days. Their numbers are simply overwhelming.

And simply put, not all forex signal providers are created equal.

Choosing the best forex signal provider for your account is not exactly a simple task. There are quite a number of factors that you should consider in order to find that right match for you.

1. Decide on the currency pair you want to trade

Different currency pairs move in different ways. And you, as a forex trader, should take this into account when choosing the best forex signal provider that you would want to use.

Some currency pairs show volatility during certain times of the day. Some currency pairs move in a much larger range when market forces decide to shake it up. Some currency pairs move in direct, or inverse, correlativity with other currency pairs. The list of characteristics is long, but the important thing to remember is to choose the best forex signal provider which specializes in the currency pair that you would want to trade.

Of course, the process can be reversed by choosing a signal provider first, then choosing to trade the currency pair that the forex signals were meant for.

But always remember that you should not be tempted to use a forex signal that was specifically created for a certain currency pair into the other pairs in the market, unless the signal provider states so explicitly.

As I said, different currency pairs have different characteristics. An all-in-one solution to be used in trading all of the currency pairs has a low chance of being successful in each and every pair it trades.

2. Fully automatic or semi-automatic

Some of the best forex signals providers shall let you choose on the degree of automation that you would allow for the signals to do the trading for your account.

There are some forex signal providers who just send out their signals to their subscribers in one of various means – text message, email, instant messaging, or even directly to your trading platform. And it is up to the forex trader if he would want to follow the forex signal and enter a trade according to the recommendation of the signal provider.

On the other hand, there are some forex signals that automatically enters trades into your forex trading terminal without the need of approval from you as a forex trader. It has its own pros and cons. The most obvious benefit of which is that speed in which trades can be entered into your account. But this would be at the expense of lesser control of his own account for the forex investor.

For some of the best forex signals, there exists some middle ground where the forex trader can still approve of disapprove each and every trade recommended by his provider through the forex signals. This can be the best middle ground if you are not fully comfortable with the fully-automated approach.

3. Capital Management

This is a very important factor when choosing the best forex signal for your account. Make sure that you, as a forex investor, has the final say on the capital management and degree of risk that you would allow your account to be exposed to when using any forex signal.

This can be either in the size of lots that are used for the signals that are provided for your account, or the level of pre-determined stoploss that is placed for every trade entered into your account.

You, as the forex investor, should be able to control either one or both of these factors so that you can be sure that your forex account is not exposed to unnecessary risks.

4. Timeframe used

This simply means that different traders use different timeframes when analyzing the forex markets.

Shorter timeframes are more geared towards quicker scalps, while longer timeframes aim to target the general long-term movement of currency prices.

As an investor, you should be aware of the length of timeframe your forex signal provider is using so that your expectations for the trades that he recommends would generally fit into what he shall actually be delivering to you.

5. Fees involved

Of course, there are free forex signals and there are paid forex signals. Depending on the previous criteria that we have discussed, on of the final factors that you should consider is whether you are comfortable with the additional expense that you would incur assuming that the best forex signal that you have chosen is a paid one.

In my experience, the costs involved in getting these forex signals have little to do with their actual profitability. There are free forex signal providers that give out some of the best forex signals and consistent recommendations for certain currency pairs. While there are some paid signal providers which are simply not worth it.

It is up to you as a forex investor to gauge if the profitability being brought to you by a certain signal provider is worth the extra cost you are incurring.

And even if you are just choosing among the free signal providers, you should still be careful in choosing the ones that are ultimately profitable.

How do you know?

No other way but to try them out. Therefore, it is advisable that you choose the best forex signals providers that give out free trials in order for you to evaluate if they are the right signal provider for you.

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AbleSys (

AbleSys ( – ASCTrend 3.5 Reviews and Ratings

AbleSys Corporation (ASC) or develops financial trading software and web application. ASC’s Forex signals or trend indicators are used across the world by trading firms, banks, fund managers, trading advisors, professional, as well as novice traders.

These trend indicators or Forex Signals programs provide early recognition of market trends, along with the setting of optimal stops, a combination which helps traders earn profits. ASCTrend indicators are universal; meaning they work with any markets and with any time charts.

ASCTrend 3.5 is an indicator package for TradeStation 8.x charting software. All indicators could be overlaid on the TradeStation charts. As the TradeStation has its own data feed, ASCTrend 3.5 can be used without need of its own data feed. Unlike AbleTrend 7.0, ASCTrend 3.5 will be locked on a PC. That is the reason because of which one ASCTrend 3.5 license could be run on one PC. In some cases, one trader may have multiple PCs. In such a situation special arrangement are made for trader who wants to run multiple licenses on multiple PCs.

ASCTrend is a proprietary trading software package, which contains four indicators: ASCTrend1, ASCTrend2, and ASCTrend3 and ASCTrendSig indicators. ASCTrend’s 30-day trial is available at $218.00.

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Read more » Reviews and Ratings provides Forex market analysis services and trading recommendations to institutional traders. offers 24 hours real-time analysis for up-to-the-minute recommendations and analysis. offers two packages for traders namely, the Premier Package and the Standard Package

The Premier Package is for full-time Traders who would on an average spend about 3-5 hours every day in front of the monitor doing their trading activities. This close watch of the page is necessary, as their commentaries and signals are frequently updated in real-time. AcetraderFX’ Premier Package strategies and updates are based on intra-day market conditions, like Economic Data or the latest breaking Market News.

The Standard Package is for Traders who may not be sitting on the computer all the time but would still like to monitor the Market from time to time. This Standard Forex Signal Package provides updates 3 times a day. Nevertheless additional updates will be given as and when there is a sudden change of market movements or action or last minute change of strategy etc. If such a situation occurs, a special alert will be made on the “ticker bar” provided in the package. belongs to the Trendsetter Financial Markets Ltd Group based in Hong Kong.

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Read more » Reviews and Ratings was created by professional traders to offer Forex Signal services to professional traders, brokers, hedge fund managers, traders, strategy developers etc. Both institutional and private customers can use and benefit from the Forex signals provided by them. offers real-time buy/sell signals; 15-30 Trade Signals per Month; real time quotes, Charts, News; automated trading facilitated; Forex Signals for major currency pairs

The Advanz Auto4X™ provides Forex trading signals and is designed to be powerful, flexible and accurate to meet the needs of complex institutional trading departments. It is also designed to be simple and efficient for an individual trader. Advanz Auto4X™ supports the carrying out of any number of strategies working on any number of time frames to any or all of the Forex crosses available for trading. This Forex Signal providing program is hands-free, & offers fast execution, plus has the ability to manage multiple accounts

Advanz Analytics, Inc. is a one-stop financial boutique specializing in trading strategy and software development for the trading and investment community. AdvanzTeam Analytics is designed to help individual and institutional clients to meet Forex trading related challenges in the real market.

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Read more » Reviews and Ratings (Bollinger Bands Forex) is developed by John Bollinger. has its main office at Manhattan Beach. John Bollinger is a CFA and CMA himself, and has developed the trading indicators or signals and trading tools for traders to facilitate adaptive trading bands and deal with dynamic market volatility. BBForex Trading Signals help traders in assessing expected price action.

For traders who are new to the Forex market, BBforex offers basic level information about currency pricing factors, Forex trading instruments, investment common sense, and glossary related to Forex and so on to familiarize the traders with FX Market before they start working in the real environment. offers two charts and traders are free to choose either the Classic Charts or the Advanced Charts and they can also select as many indicators as they wish. Also, some indicators may come with parameters that can be adjusted as per needs.

Bollinger Bands are available on most of the stock market software and Internet charts that are in use. assists traders in using technical tools and Forex signals to be able to make logical investing choices. It teaches traders to identify which indicators to use and how to read charts. It also provides trading systems that traders can employ and integrate into their individual investment style.

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The founders of BK Forex Advisors were editors for the Money Trader before they started the trading signal providing services in Las Vegas. BK Forex Advisors are mainly into High Probability Trading.

Every trade signal that they send out to their members is done after putting it through fundamental and technical analysis. And each time they go and extra mile and give the reasons for entering a trade. The traders are thus in a better position to judge for themselves if the trade signal makes sense. sends two to three alerts each week between 4 PM and 5 PM EST (20:00 -21:00 GMT). They send out Forex Signals and it’s follow ups and reminders via SMS, Email, Website and Chat. BK Forex Advisors do account for the spread when they are setting the stops or targets, which means the traders do not have to add any additional “buffer” unless they prefer it that way.

If trader’s broker does not offer the currency pair that BKForexAdvisors is recommending, in such a situation the trader can follow a “synthetic trade” using the legs of the currencies. does not offer personalized trading advice. But once trader activates his $199 trial membership he starts receiving trade alerts via email or SMS or both, from BK Forex Advisor. BK Forex also provides reasons to enter trade along with instructions to help traders enter and exit the trade as the market moves.

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