Pages Reviews and Ratings is a Canadian Registered Business serving Forex traders is owned and operated by Hussein Gandhi popularly known as Huskins, who is a resident of Toronto Canada. He is a professional trader. Registered members can get access into his analysis of the market, the strategies he uses and the actual trades taken.

Members who subscribe to Huskins services get clear entry and exit instructions with risk assessment. Based on the Huskins’ trading strategies, anywhere between 2 to 6 trades per week are sent with 9 major currency pairs being covered. Daily Position Trades with clear entry stop and take profit levels are based on a combination of technical and fundamental analysis. The pairs traded undergo technical analysis on a dai;y basis with trends, range expected highs and lows. signals are sent in advance of the actual trade. This advance notice provides traders with an opportunity to conduct due diligence before entering the trade call. If the environment changes for the trade call, another set of signals are sent to augment or cancel the trade. Huskins trades. also provide Managed Account facility for traders who do not have time or knowledge to Trade Forex. Traders can avail a trial package for ten days by paying $24.99.

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