Pages Reviews and Ratings is a forex signal providing service designed by Charlie McKenna who is an experienced and successful trader himself. Charlie has developed a proprietary trading mechanism for Forex traders. system studies and analyses daily data with and thus it identifies trading signals for traders that they can follow on the next trading day. It’s an ideal platform for traders who do not have the time to sit glued to the screen and keep a watch over Forex market all day long. trading signals are the solution for busy people. This Forex Signal service posts trade alerts along with buy and sell instructions directly on the traders member area page. The post includes specific Entry Point, Stop and Take Profit Targets. alerts are posted at 5 pm EST. Trader need to spend less than half hour every day to decide what to trade. Every day at 5 pm EST traders close all open trades, remove all pending orders from their platform and place the new ones. signals are easy to follow and execute.

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