Pages Reviews and Ratings offers forex forecasts and real time trading signals for four major trading currency pairs, namely EUR/USD, USD/JPY, GBP/USD and USD/CHF. Each signal is sent with entry and exit positions directly to their subscribed customers.

Their entry trading signals are in average 4-8 per day. Sometimes they may send up to 4 entry/exit signals at a time depending upon the market movement. Most of the signals are sent between 5.00 AM GMT to 9.00 PMGMT, which covers the European and U.S. market sessions. They also send signals during the Asian session. Signals are sent in advance so that there is enough time to give exit signals within the day. Members can receive singals on their desktop, by email or on their mobile phones. The traders can place the signals under `set and forget’ system as each signal comes with Entry and exit point. trading signals are sent twice a day for Forecast Clients, twice a day market entry and exit levels for the Forecast Plus Clients along with time schedule. The Forecast Plus Clients are also eligible to receive breaking and urgent trading news if any.

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