Pages, commonly known as FFD is a TRAINING PROGRAM to teach traders about trading Forex Currency. program is being updated with new and relevant information constantly. The objective of this Forex Training program is to explore the alternative route to training and try the less traveled route. training program purpose is to take aspiring forex traders (from newbie to veterans) through a learning curve. To be eligible for this program traders do not have to be experienced, or be degree holders in finance or economics. They do not either need to have any tools to start learning Forex Trading willingness and drive. program was written under the guidance of Chief Analyst of Forex Focused Daily, who has more than a decade of experience in the financial markets, having worked with some of the world’s most prestigious trading firms. Training covers everything from the Forex basics, Fundamental and technical analysis, reading and understanding charts, support and resistance, moving averages, Japanese candlesticks, Fibonacci Analysis, Chart Indicators, Pivot Points, chart Patterns etc.

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