Pages Reviews and Ratings Trading is a Forex trading website that provides Forex analysis, signals and education to both individual and institutional traders. Pro Pipper Trading’s methodology comprises Elliott Wave analysis over multiple time frames in combination with technical indicators and Fibonacci projections to arrive at accurate entry and exit prices. Trading is looking at analyzing and streamlining the Elliott Wave theory based on current market position which deals with ratios of waves and their probabilities of accuracy. Pro Pipper Trading offers traders to a new tool – Currency Cowboy Trade Sheet which is ideal for both beginner and professional traders. Currency Cowboy Trade Sheet is a tool that helps traders to become successful Forex trader irrespective of their skill level or competency.

The Currency Cowboy Trade Sheet offers 3 trading styles- Educated Scalping, Short Term and Long Term. Irrespective of whether trader decides to employ one style or all the above, individual trader can integrate the Currency Cowboy Trade Sheet into his/her own trading – one that fits their trading style, mind set and temperament.

The Currency Cowboy Trade Sheet has two methodologies which allow traders to place their trade within minutes and forget about it.

The Currency Cowboy Trade sheet is sent out Monday – Thursday except for the Thursday prior to the Non-Farm Payroll announcement between 4:15 to 4:30 pm (Pacific Time – USA). The alerts can be applied over the next 24 hours.

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