Pages Reviews and Ratings specializes in offering traders with quality and profitability Forex automatic trading software. They offer two types of Forex Automatic Trading Robots Trading Software (i) APS2.ex 4 & second trading software Trend Indicator TI.ex4.

APS2.ex 4 is fully automated trading software, which does nto require any user intervention. The method is based on actual data and offers no scope to trader for emotional or impulsive trading. The software is optimized to obtain the optimum value for Risk Ratio, Stop Loss & Take Profit. The software is written in MQL4 language that runs in any MT4 trading platform.

TI.ex4 software is Price driven manual trading software. Here the traders learn proprietary trading rules develop by them which is a combination of pivot, candle stick pattern and several others. Trend Indicator mainly comprises 3 trading strategies – TI-123, TI-Pivot and TI-R/S. This program is also written in MQL4 language, and runs in any MT4 trading platform. offers two weeks of free trial. The trade Indicator is available for $980 yearly. For price of APS2.ex4 traders are requested to visit website for latest updates.

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