Pages Reviews and Ratings has founded the forex trading company James Dicks Forex Alert services where besides sending forex trading alters he also teaches traders about diversification, money management and financial freedom through his workshops.

Dicks FOREX™ 5.0 Alerts is the latest version of their software program that sends Forex alerts are sent via the James Dicks Instant Alerts Messenger. The program is equipped with advanced feature which enables mobile phones, laptops, PDA’s, pagers to receive the alerts in real time. James Dicks FOREX™ 5.0 Alerts has a wealth of information on the forex market.

James Dicks FOREX™ Alerts are identified by the in-house currency trading professionals and analysts. James Dicks FOREX™ 5.0 Alerts are safe on all major computer operating systems. alerts are sent out 24 hours a day, 6 days a week through exclusive private network of Alerts subscribers that traders can subscribe to. Once traders subscribe to the service the in-house trading team will notify them of all potential trades in 14 major currency pairs which they trade in. These trading alerts are designed to target specific trading by using state-of-the-art in house proprietary trade recognition software to identify trades for members.

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