Pages Reviews and Ratings (Bollinger Bands Forex) is developed by John Bollinger. has its main office at Manhattan Beach. John Bollinger is a CFA and CMA himself, and has developed the trading indicators or signals and trading tools for traders to facilitate adaptive trading bands and deal with dynamic market volatility. BBForex Trading Signals help traders in assessing expected price action.

For traders who are new to the Forex market, BBforex offers basic level information about currency pricing factors, Forex trading instruments, investment common sense, and glossary related to Forex and so on to familiarize the traders with FX Market before they start working in the real environment. offers two charts and traders are free to choose either the Classic Charts or the Advanced Charts and they can also select as many indicators as they wish. Also, some indicators may come with parameters that can be adjusted as per needs.

Bollinger Bands are available on most of the stock market software and Internet charts that are in use. assists traders in using technical tools and Forex signals to be able to make logical investing choices. It teaches traders to identify which indicators to use and how to read charts. It also provides trading systems that traders can employ and integrate into their individual investment style.

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