Pages Reviews and Ratings was founded by Louis B. Mendelsohn who is a technical analyst and trading software. Traders have to subscribe to their membership to get access to VantagePoint’s market predictions and leading indicators. VantagePoint is easy to use. It is a useful tool which helps to evaluate and trade the markets.

VantagePoint (for Futures and Commodities) forecasts over 70 markets in eight categories, which includes Currencies, Energies, Metals, and Grains etc. Traders can select the markets for their package that suit their trading interest.

Here traders need to select the market and contract month that they want to track and leave the rest to the software. VantagePoint on its own automatically collects & analyzes the data from 25 related markets. And within a few minutes traders will get a to the point forecast of the trend direction for the coming 1 to 3 days, along with projection of the next day’s highs and lows, and an indication whether the market is expected to go up or down in the coming few days. is into application of microcomputer software and neural networks to inter-market analysis. They have no provision for sending out forecasts for future days to non-customers. Their package costs $2900 and contains three market of trader’s choice. The package offers traders a foundation for applying VantagePoint’s leading inter-market indicators to their trading decisions, at the same time providing the flexibility to identify the most likely profitable trading opportunity available from the 3 markets in the package.

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