Pages Reviews and Ratings system features a private and live forex trading room. Here their pro team comprising experienced successful day traders conduct their trades live. Traders in live trading room can watch their moves and deals and replicate them If they please and learn from them by observing their analysis if they so desire.

To subscribe to their services traders are not required to install any software and membership is fully refundable if they are not satisfied with their services for any reason. IN such a situation full amount will be refunded to the member and his membership will be cancelled. traders will not just share how profitable forex trading really is if you have the time to day trade with them, they will also get into the depth of trading pairs and explain the analyses behind it. On FX trader site members will have brokers who are willing to share their cumulative knowledge with them. They will go to the extent of demonstrating live to the trader with their capital as how to how they too can be a successful forex trader provided they keep their instructions in mind.

They trade major forex pairs, like GBP/USD, EUR/USD and also Yen based trades like GBP/JPY. They send out trading signals and commentary every day around 5am GMT via e-mail or SMS delivery where the trader will get the signals delivered right to their cell phone anywhere around the world besides e-mail.

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