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Technical Research Limited (TRL) provides a Foreign Exchange Forecasting Service. TRL started as a Specialist Data Provider on the global Reuters network. But at present TRL’s clientele are world’s largest banks, which provides valuable daily information source for FX dealers world-wide. Research is founded and operated by an experienced FX forecaster Max McKegg. TRL makes forecasts and sends trade alerts for major currencies including the two Australasian. It provides Daily and Medium Term forecasts. TRL’s customer base comprises Banks, across the globe.

They deal in following major currency pairs, EURO/USD, USD/YEN, USD/SWISS, GBP/USD, AUD/USD, NZD/USD

All subscription payments are accepted by them on a monthly, three monthly, six monthly, nine monthly or twelve monthly basis, depending on the subscription term selected by the trader as per his needs. Subscription renewal payments are debited automatically to the credit card provided unless the subscriber member, prior to the renewal date, goes ahead and cancels the subscription. Until then it is assumed that monthly subscription is on. There is no refund policy.

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