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Trading Volume offers trade signals to its subscribed members. Traders are free to use any broker of their choice as long as they use MT4 platform. Trading Volume doesn’t restrict it’s subscribe to any particular broker. They simply provide trading alerts. They trade in major currency pairs like GBP/JPY,EUR/USD,GBP/USD,AUD/USD,USD/JPY. The minimum recommended deposit is $1000 to be able to trade 0, 1 Lot.

Trading at Trading-Volume starts at 4.00amGMT time until 21.00pmGMT. Traders are free to rent virtual server or use their own PC. Their stop loss maximum can be used 35 pips. Take profit is minimum 10pips.

Traders can copy trades from trade Volume’s lead trader’s Alpari account directly to their MT4 broker account. Trade Volume offers Managed Account facility which actively manage accounts with trades monitored continuously with strict money management rules with minimum investment of $10000.

However traders cannot trade manually during period that Trade Volume is managing funds. And traders are not allowed withdraw funds without informing the trade volume team in advance.

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