Pages Reviews and Ratings is developed by Chris Lee available for a price at $67/mo. The Pip Mavens Inner Circle is a mentorship program teaches aspiring traders to trade Forex. Chris teaches about the analysis of trades and accompanying graphics provide clarity to the traders who are serious about learning forex. The daily trading outlook, price movement interpretations also form part of the course.

The course teaches to analyze market accurately. It teaches traders the techniques to identify the correct time to enter and exit trades. The course focuses on 3 different “types” of trends, to identify these trends and trend changes, Exactly where to place stops and profit targets when trend trading, techniques to trade sideways markets with a special report on scalping Inner Circle is a program has set been set for the benefit of the subscribers. It allows Chris to continue trading at his own pace, while at the same time showcasing his simple trading methodologies to all members who wish to gain financial independence. This program will not only teach people how to be traders, but will also show exactly how real money is made in the Forex market.

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