Pages Reviews and Ratings provides the best currency trading signals through the internet and they are provided completely free of charge. However FXToday is open to accepting donations or $10, and $20.

Each day, they send signals along with the report which covers the US dollar, Euro, Yen, Sterling, Swiss franc, Australian dollar and Canadian dollar. The report covers Market forecasts for Short and medium-term range forecasts for major currencies; Currency overview and detailed analysis of market trends; Overview of interest rates and commercial and strategic currency hedging recommendations. has designed and developed three guides to the FXToday signals which in detail explains the workings of signals, entry points, take profits targets and recommended stop losses relating to the FXToday site. This guide can be ordered onine for just US$19.95. Global Markets Data Guide – with free support is also available for $19.95. Their third package – Fundamental guide to the currency markets – with free support is available for $24.99.

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