Pages Reviews and Ratings offers education programs at various levels for individuals who want to learn forex trading. has courses for traders at different levels of learning from the beginner to the advanced professional. They offer live trading rooms to accommodate individual learning levels and personal schedules where traders get to meet a community of like-minded Forex traders’s Beginners Forex trading course (for $349) teaches traders to mechanically trade via state of the art currency charting and electronic trading platforms.’s Intermediate Forex Trading Course (also for $349) works from Beginners Forex Currency Trading Course upwards by teaching traders to start analyzing longer term objective trading set ups utilizing an intraday trading strategy coupled with simple 1,2,3 fractal wave patterns.

The Advanced Forex Currency Trading Course (for $349) is an excellent resource to start learning the techniques of Elliott Wave and higher probability trading.

Elliott Waves course is the 4th education program that they offer which discusses how the pattern in the market can be deciphered using Fibonacci tools, Trend Lines and the fractal pattern found in Elliott Waves at length.

The High Probability courses (HPT1 & HPT2) offered by FXCourse teach methodology and offer training that shows exactly how to use the Fibonacci tools along with the specific expectations of the Elliott Wave principles.

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